thefartbabes - Smelly Full Diaper [2019 / FullHD]

This time I really filled it! I loaded my diaper with so much poop that it was bulging at the seams. The leg bands could barely contain it, and the dirty load is clearly visibly around the elastic. It was heavy between my legs and was so stinky, but the warm feeling of all that poop squashed around my butt was the most erotic thing imaginable.
Anna Coprofield - I will Ruin these Beautiful Tights Anyway Full compressed version [2019 / FullHD]

I love these pantyhose, because it’s panties and stockings at the same time. My ass and legs look great in these pantyhose and heels ? I piss and make a big pile of fragrant shit in these tights. It’s very little space for shit but fishnet keeps all the shit inside. I take my big dildo (which used to be transparent, but then it was painted by my shit because of a lot of dirty games hehe)and I fuck my ass. I get very excited about it and I’m getting wet so I fuck my creamy pussy with a dirty dildo too. My ass has expanded and you can see my rosebud…I smear shit, tear pantyhose so now I have panties and stockings separately, smear my shit again…
thefartbabes - College Girl Full Panties [2019 / FullHD]

College girl is pushing her huge shit slowly in her cotton panties, destroying them with messy shit!She is so excited of her full panties and playng with her dirty caked ass until get off, but she still need to shit,she is so close to you,spreading her asshole for more shit for you.