VeronicaSteam - Nasty Toilet Bitch [2020 / FullHD]

You’ve been shrunken down and I’m holding you captive inside my toilet. My gross farts try to blow you over with each blast. Scream all you want. No one is coming to save you. Now comes my shit. Tons of firm logs fall on you. That’s when I let you in on a secret. The only way out is to eat every last piece of it all while I’m blowing you over with my massive farts.
VeronicaSteam - Upskirt Shits [2020 / FullHD]

It’s early morning and I have to shit something awful. I know how much you love women in tight mini skirts. I know what you think about every time you see them. You wish they would stand over you and just let their shit out. I’m here to make that fantasy a reality! I shit on the floor and on a plate..feeding it to you and even give you warm piss to wash it down with. The only issue is now my ass is dirty. I squat over your face and use your tongue as toilet paper.
VeronicaSteam - Shit Filled Panty Worship [2019 / FullHD]

I have to shit so badly. You see these full back satin panties? A slave ordered some shit stain panties of mine. I decided to completely destroy them with my shit. Look up close and I make a big shit bulge in these grey panties. See the HUGE mess I made in these filthy little panties. It gets everywhere! All over my ass, all over the floor, all over my pussy, my thighs, ect. I bet you’re loving jerking off to my shit covered ass and pussy huh? I know you are. I bet you wish you could use your tongue as toilet paper and clean me up.