Personal toilet [2018 / UltraHD/4K]

Aliça and Chimeny are resting their feet on top of Lisa’s back, that is Chimeny’s personal slave. They are so tired of using high heels hurting them all day that they obligate Lisa to massage, smell and lick their feet, just so they can feel relaxed. Not satisfied yet, Chimeny decides she wants a good treatment to her beautiful ass too. A session of asslicking and smelling on these two goddesses happen and it’s delicious to watch. To complete the circle of pleasure and relaxing, it’s time to make the slave suffer a little bit: it’s poop time! Chimeny starts it, shitting and pissing, and obligating her to rub it all over her body and eat. Aliça wants to participate too and do the same, enjoying to see Lisa disgusted with their soft and pasty scat.
evamarie88  - Filthy Thong And Shit For You [2018 / FullHD]

Watch me in 3 day wear stinky thong filled with pee stains and shit stains but i want to make them even more filthy, i peel them off and sniff them and fuck my pussy till i drip cream while dirty talking to you… I then open up my arse and let little bits of shit drop out so i can make them skids even more heavy… But i cant hold my shit inside any longer (THIS WASNT SUPPOSE TO BE A POO VIDEO HA) My thighs shake and my legs and my arse explodes now not only do you get my thong you get my big load too and a bottle of pee lucky boy
evamarie88  - Smother You With Farts And Shit [2018 / FullHD]

Watch me in sheer pants tell you i get off smothering guys in my smelly farts and stinky shit and thats exactly what im going to do to you… I lay you beneath me and pee my pants so it drips into your mouth before filling my sheer knickers with soft shit… I make you sniff and lick my scat bulge through my panties before farting in your nose and mouth… Im going to make you pass out from these farts and wet shit. I peel my knickers off and show you my dirty ass and making you lick clean before farting and prolapsing in your face. Now take my shit i scoop it up and stuff it down your throat and fart in your nose till you pass out from my shitty farts and dirty scat
evamarie88  - Skid Mark Thong For You Baby [2018 / FullHD]

Watch me wearing a 3 day smelly thong filled with pee stains and skid marks… i slide them down and tell you how i want to make them even more stinker… i pee and poo on the toilet before showing you my dirty arsehole… i slide my pants back up and wipe my dirty buthole on my thong… i then show you how soiled it is before giving you a joi and to cum deep inside my arse
annalise  - Toilet Slut Training [2018 / FullHD]

Mistress Annabelle makes toilet slut suck a huge dick with her shit. With great pleasure she does it. She designs a slave’s throat for a lovely shit dinner. Slave licks her pussy and asshole, after that she pisses in his mouth. A strong stream of pee splashes into the slave mouth. He must manage to swallow sweet drops. She sits over the slave face and begins to shitting in his mouth. A huge long shit comes out from Mistress asshole. “Eat my shit, smelly scum”. A lot of shit on the slave face, she suffered for 2 days without shit. “A big portion of my shit is your food. Such a crazy pleasure for you to serve me as a toilet”. She pushes all the shit in his dirty mouth with a huge dick and makes him suck it. A slave sucks and cleans big shitty dick. Now you are trained and you know how to satisfy your Mistress. Lick my ass and open your mouth wider – I want to piss. The slave experiences immense pleasure from humiliation when the Mistress shits in his mouth.