ScatLina  - I wear a diaper and take off my mask [2018 / FullHD]

This video is my little experiment. I have never tried to shit in the diaper. In this video I will do it. I will put shit on a full diaper, I push shit on my full pussy, I will put on a diaper and through a hole in the diaper I will fuck myself with a dildo. Then I eat all the shit out of my diaper! At the end of the video, a surprise awaits you … I’ll take off my mask
ScatLina  - My hair is in shit [2018 / FullHD]

Finally it happened! I smeared my long and shiny hair in shit. The shit mask is so awesome… sticky and smelly, it excites me. I shit a full plate of shit, shoved the Christmas hat into my anal and slowly smeared my hair and tasted the shit enjoying the process. Then I could not resist and wanted to fuck myself with a dildo, urinated and smeared with urine. I’m all in shit and in my urine… wet and smelly, dirty and sticky… full of shit… fuck me like that…
ScatLina  - Red thongs and shit eaten [2018 / FullHD]

In this video a lot of red and a lot of shit, which, of course, I eat in the most perverted way. First, I will caress myself and send a huge piece of shit, pushing a strip of my thread to the side … then I wipe the rest of the shit out of my ass with a striped thread. I’ll put a piece of poop into my lustful pussy and wipe the rest of the shit with straps again, and with the remaining shit I will gladly drink and feel its taste in my mouth. I eat my shit feeling it in my pussy and also taste it in my mouth … it makes me horny. After that, I will push the shit out of my pussy and immediately send it to my shitty mouth, spread it on my teeth with a thick layer and will chew with pleasure. When the shit is eaten, I take off my thongs and fuck myself with a dildo and put them in my mouth, and then I put them in my pussy and pull out, getting a squirt orgasm
ScatLina  - Pearl beads in shit [2018 / FullHD]

Long pearl beads… they fit so well in my white blouse and so excite me. At first I put them in my pussy, and then slowly pulled them out, now I want to feel them in my wicked ass. When I pulled them out with effort, I was very excited. Then I pulled them very tightly around my neck, strangled them a little and shit… yes… finally, the shit was in my hands. I mix poops with beads, first placing them in my pussy and start to enjoy its taste, cleaning the beads
ScatLina  - Anal prolapse in shit [2018 / FullHD]

A new video with anal prolapse, which will also have a lot of shit. In it, I will show you the prolapse in all beauty, I will smear it with shit and caress fingers, put the full pussy of shit and fuck the prolapse and pussy. And I bring myself to orgasm with a squirt, and I will moan with pleasure and ecstasy.
ScatLina  - My shitty breakfast [2018 / FullHD]

Does your morning start with oatmeal? And mine with a plate of freshly shit. What a pleasure to shit in a plate, then sniff and taste, slowly eat it with a teaspoon. Then get up and shove a piece of shit in my pussy and get him out of there with a spoon and eat. What a pleasure to savor every piece of such sticky and warm shit. Chew, swallow and feel it in your stomach. My weekend morning is divine thanks to this breakfast
ScatLina  - Banana in chocolate shit [2018 / FullHD]

A new clip with eating shit. This time I will eat a banana smeared in my own shit. But first, I completely put it in my ass, take a second banana and fuck myself in a wet hole. Then I banish a banana from my ass with shit, put it away and eat it. It’s delicious, try it! The clip uses music from The Rocket Dogs “Let’s talk about sex”.
ScatLina  - Smelly masturbation [2018 / FullHD]

This is a video of my home masturbation. I shit a full glass of poop, and I push all the shit into my pussy. All the shit is perfectly placed in my hole, and I fuck with a dildo… and then with force I squeeze the poop out of my pussy. Excited, I pull the rest of the shit out of my pussy and put it right in my mouth… I swallow and swallow. Then I lick the dildo and get a crazy orgasm. I love dirty masturbation when my mouth and cunt in shit
ScatLina  - I eat hot dog with shit [2018 / FullHD]

This new clip was shot at your numerous requests. I was a little tired and decided to eat, but there are no sausages in the house to cook a hot dog. Then I boldly went up on the table and put the shit on the bun, sprinkled with ketchup, and the perfect dish is ready! While I was eating my shitty hot dog, I wanted a drink, pulled out a glass and started to urinate… now I have something to wash down with a great dish. I ate all my hot dog with shit
ScatLina  - Eat shit and fuck myself [2018 / FullHD]

I love eating shit! In this clip, I put a plate full of shit and at first slowly enjoyed its smell and taste, and then impatiently swallowed it), pushing a mouthful of shit and swallowing it all). I was so excited by the process of eating shit that I shoved a big poo into my pussy and fuck myself with a dildo, and then finished the rest of the shit with even more pleasure. In this video, a surprise awaits you … I was so excited about the shootings that I continued to masturbate when I finished shooting the clip, and I did not turn off the camera. What came of it, see for yourself.
ScatLina  - Anal prolapse [2018 / FullHD]

This is a very intimate video … in the dim light I will show you all the delights of my body. This video has absolutely everything. First, I drink urine and caress my body and gently suck a dildo, then I’ll fuck my chest and ass, poop a bit on the table and show my prolapse… mmmm… I would like you to lick my prolapse now, I will eat my shit, and I will give a deep blowjob, smear saliva with shit on the dildo. You will see my hairy cunt flowing from wild passion and excitement
ScatLina  - I eat shit from panties [2018 / FullHD]

I present to you my new shitty clip, in which I eat poop right from my panties. This video was especially nice to shoot … to feel like warm shit that spills over into panties, I stroke it and enjoy it… it’s so nice. I want more and more shit… to feel it everywhere. I want to feel shit on my face, and I smear my face, this smell… mmm… I smell and lick and bite a piece, now I am wildly sexually excited… I want to eat everything and caress myself