Dirty Asshole Privates 2 [2020 / FullHD]

Video 1 - Not the dirtiest private. She tries her hardest to show me what is in that sexy ass of hers. Subtle scat

Video 2 - Longer, music was asked to be turned off. Lots of shit lube and some scat. Very sexy show.
sammiecee  - Serving You A Poop Plated Dinner [2020 / FullHD]

I’ve got a special dinner for you, you can even watch me plate it up for you, I’ve prepared it especially for you. Here’s your plate and cutlery, let me just take these panties off and squat over the plate for you, that’s right, I’m serving you a nice steamy shit, what a treat! Now I want you to cut it up and savour every mouthful.
sammiecee - Wet Shitty Panties  [2020 / FullHD]

Wearing my bright pink and white outfit I tease you before pissing in my white high rise full back panties, getting them very wet, I then lean back and start doing a HUGE shit in my panties too, the panties are weighed down with it and has leaked out the side a little too. I stand up and show you the wet shitty panties, I pull them down and show off my shitty arse and arsehole before pulling the panties back up and wiggling the weight of the shit between my legs.
sammiecee - Pee & Poop In Panties [2020 / FullHD]

Wearing a crop top, miniskirt, white lace panties and some sexy heels I start off with a little tease, showing off my outfits and tits. I then squat down and piss through my lacey panties, showing you a close up of them wet, I turn around and poop in my panties, you can see them bulge and overflow and some comes out, I then pull them down, showing you my dirty asshole and poop some more close up to the camera.
sammiecee  - Pantyhose Poop [2020 / FullHD]

I’m wearing a tight white blouse, lacey bra, bodycon skirt and a pair of tan pantyhose. After showing off my sexy little outfit, I sit reversed onto a chair, and push out a huge shit into my pantyhose, filling them, feeling the shit squeeze between my skin and pantyhose. I then show a nice close up of the mess I’ve made and walk around a little with it, showing front and back views of my sagged shitty pantyhose.